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Dataforged API

Dataforged v1.5.0

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Official content and rules data for the Ironsworn: Starforged tabletop role-playing game, formatted as JSON for use in community tools. 🚀 Includes JSON schemas and a Javascript/Typescript API.


What's this all about, anyways?

Ironsworn: Starforged is a tabletop role-playing game that's playable in solo, co-op (GM-less), and guided (GMed) modes.

In Ironsworn: Starforged, you are a spaceborne hero sworn to undertake perilous quests. You will explore uncharted space, unravel the secrets of a mysterious galaxy, and build bonds with those you meet on your travels. Most importantly, you will swear iron vows and see them fulfilled—no matter the cost.

For more information on Ironsworn: Starforged itself, check out the website.

The Dataforged repo exists to provide the Creative Commons-licensed text and image content of Ironsworn: Starforged, so that you--an intrepid developer with excellent taste in indie TTRPGs--don't need to do data entry for the game's 200+ oracle tables, 90 asset cards, 56 moves, and 14 setting truth categories, and 24 example encounters.

Use it as source material to build a personal reference wiki, a play aid, a discord bot, or module for your favourite VTT, or something that nobody else has imagined yet. Be sure to check out some of the projects that use Dataforged below.

Dataforged may be useful to you even if you aren't developing something for Ironsworn: Starforged specifically: the overwhelming majority of its d% oracle tables are system agnostic, so they might be used for any generator or other TTRPG tool with a sci-fi/space opera flavour.

Now, go forth and make something cool! 🚀 And be sure to tell us about it on the Ironsworn Discord and the Ironsworn subreddit so we can see what you've done with the data!


Projects that use Dataforged



Consult the API Documentation for further information.


If you're working in Javascript or Typescript, Dataforged is best consumed as a NodeJS package:

npm i dataforged
yarn add dataforged

Typescript typings are included; use of VSCode or an IDE to expose the type annotations in your workspace is highly recommended. See also the API documentation site.

If you just want the data as-is, import the starforged object to use the pre-loaded, typed JSON.


import { starforged } from 'dataforged'


const { starforged } = require('dataforged')

Other Languages

Packages for other languages/package managers are a work in progress. For now, you can use the JSON files in dist/starforged. dataforged.json contains all game data in a single object; schema.json describes its JSON schema.


Current Content Version/Sources

  • Ironsworn: Starforged Reference Guide - 050622
    • moves
    • oracles
    • setting truths
    • encounters
  • Ironsworn: Starforged Assets - 050622
    • assets



Items in this package (and its GitHub source) various fall under the CC BY 4.0, CC BY-NC 4.0, or MIT licenses. See LICENSE.md for details.



Dataforged began as an unofficial personal project of rsek and continues to be maintained by them in its official capacity.

Thanks to XenotropicDev for allowing me to use TheOracle (a Discord bot for use with Ironsworn and Starforged) as the nucleus of the original!

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